Brexit - The quiet before the storm
28 January

Brexit - The quiet before the storm

A kind of hush seems to have descended on the Brexit debate over the weekend with the main bone of contention being the possibility that MPs will have to put in longer hours and, horror of horrors, possibly miss their February "half-term". The quiet before the storm maybe? Debating begins this week on the various amendments designed to avert a no-deal scenario and a possible extension to exit process. Tory rebels seem to be offering olive branches, with BoJo suggesting a "freedom" clause would be enough to appease his band. Whilst back in the EU, chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said EU leaders will need two questions to be answered before agreeing any extension to Article 50: "Why and how long?". Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament’s Brexit co-ordinator went further adding "It is clear on EU’s side that an extension will not be given as a blank cheque," "we need to be absolutely clear that there should be a ‘plan’ before agreeing to it."



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